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You’re winning on the web, but realize that a mobile app would make your content much more accessible to users. mKPI.calc will help you to determine which features and functionalities your audience is asking for in an app.
Whether you’re delving into VR, AI or some other cutting-edge technology, your mobile product still has to win over users. mKPI.calc helps you to forecast adoption rates and returns that will help you to make better strategic decisions.
Your product makes people’s lives easier or more exciting — yet you need help transforming it into a highly-profitable mobile business. mKPI.calc cuts out the guesswork and helps you focus on the key figures that will make or break your mobile business.
What's your plan of attack?
How to put the mKPI.calc template into action
Set Your Tasks
Start with an overview of your app in "setting the task". Include a basic description of the target audience and the problem the app will solve. Once you have some hypotheses for how to solve the problem, mKPI.calc can help quantify which is the most promising solution.
Set Your Goals
mKPI.calc allows you to test numerous scenarios and ideas. Just enter the data, run the numbers and then quickly determine the most effective option. You can also see which app parameters you need to work on and which indicators should be tracked regularly to reach your goals.
Plan Prototypes & Design Decisions
Set the tasks for prototyping and design in mKPI.calc. Show the team how differing values for parameters such as retention, impressions, and conversions influence the product’s success. Plan to iterate on the product until you achieve your goals — or be prepared to pivot and pave the way to success.
Motivate Your Team
Developers work behind the scenes to ensure your app functions smoothly and looks superb. However, they can also benefit from an understanding of the key success factors, which you can visualize for them using mKPI.calc.
Test Functionalities
During the testing stage, use mKPI.calc to experiment with various functionalities that may affect individual parameters — and the overall success of your strategy. Ensure your analytics are up and running so that you can track each of the parameters accurately.
Launch Your MVP
Once you've launched the MVP and seen your first users, begin tracking their behavior. The end of the first month is key milestone and your first opportunity to compare the actual results with the mKPI.calc forecasts. By updating mKPI.calc with the real numbers, your forecasts become more accurate and insightful on a monthly basis.
Collect Data & Plan for Updates
Your app may have exceeded your expectations or it may not have achieved the results you had hoped for. Planning a monthly check-up and data update in mKPI.calc will help you to understand where you went wrong. Utilize your insights to set product development tasks for the coming month, then release an update and return to your analytics dashboard.
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